Contact any of those listed below with questions related to their area of responsibility or with general comments for the Board. All phone numbers can be found in your directory, an updated copy of which you may read on the screen or click on the PDF symbol to open and download to your computer. You may also complete the form at the bottom of this page to ask a question to a Board member or post a comment.

Board of Trustees

Jared Chagnon, President
Bob Caplan, ARC
Steve McPherson, Operations
Anne Perella, Secretary
John Woods, Treasurer
Gayle Perry
Fran Siska


Shawn Gilfoy
Emergencies only!
(please contact Steve McPherson for non-emergency issues)

Additional Contacts

Golf Tournament – Tony Perella
Hospitality – Henri Wasserman
Manor House – Gary Moskowitz
Tennis – Harold Goldstein
Website, Directory & Newsletter – Nancy Serbun

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